Storage yards
Barmouth yard

This is the main and the most busiest yard due to both main and branch lines terminating and originating from here. It needs two operators for the shunting and turning of loco's and they are mostly kept busy. At the busiest times of the sequence, it is well filled up and a bit of moving around sometimes has to be done for incoming trains.

Also light loco movements to turn on the junction loop or go back and forth to Penmaenpool shed are needed. These come from the shed area or from the last incoming train.

All passenger trains have a Kadee coupling between loco and the first coach and there are permanent uncoupling magnets in the track for these. The first track on the left of the picture is for the DMU only, as no uncoupling is necessary. The picture below left shows the uncoupling magnets.

Tortoise point motors have been used throughout on all the layout and I've only had two fail so far in ten years, so are very reliable.

Underneath the track numbers on the wood above the tracks are coach lengths, which denote the maximum length of train and coaches that can be put in each track. 
To the left is Barmouth yard roster and the trains that are in each track. Also shown is the shed area roster and the sidings. It is essential to keep this roster up to date, so that when the new screen comes up, the operator knows what track each train or loco is on.

The shed area can be seen in the right picture. The turntable is hand turned. Note the numbers on the tracks which correspond to the roster board.
Machynlleth yard

In these pictures, you can see the uncoupling magnets to the left of the traverser for the Kadee's. Once uncoupled, the loco proceeds onto the traverser, is turned round and sent off along the furthest track at the back until a green LED on the panel tells the operator that it has passed all of the pointwork. It can then be backed onto the same stock, ready for the next move out. A roster is here for Machynlleth, similar to Barmouth.
The picture below shows Penmaenpool baseboards being constructed. The lower part to the right is the river bed. A top will be glued on the framing to give the level for the track and scenics.

Ruabon yard can be seen underneath.
Ruabon yard

This is the easiest yard to operate, as trains go in one way and out the other, using two separate panels. This part of the layout is on a big return loop with the yard in the middle. The only trouble is that if anything comes off the track, it is a bit more of a problem to get them back on, as it lies under Penmaenpool boards. So a speed restriction is in place to slow trains down before entering the yard. A roster is also here for the trains.
This clearly shows the limited room of Ruabon yard under the Penmaenpool baseboards. By moving the trains, every track can be reached by hand, but it's something that I wouldn't do again!
A series of LED's are positioned on the framing to enable the operator to see the trains.