The above pictures show some of the methods of construction of trackwork, scenery boxes that cover the electrics and the different levels to get the model looking something like the real thing. It shows the Templot plan that was glued down on the baseboard with each sleeper in place. There are three baseboards for Penmaenpool, making it fifteen feet long, which are joined together by brass dowels and retaining clips, one of which can be seen in the picture to the left. The backscene was painted by myself in acrylics and whilst not being an artist, am quite pleased with the result.
This second group of pictures show the buildings in construction and some of the work involved in making the scenery for the river and platform with signal box. Apart from the signal box, which was laser cut, all the other buildings were constructed from plastic.
The platforms took some working out on how best to construct and as you can see, they are made up of various components. These have all been drawn up as artwork and then sent to my laser machine. The uprights even have holes for the iron railings. Without the laser machine, these components for the platforms would have taken a great deal of time to make.