My first page here is all about Penmaenpool station. This is just one part of my layout and is the first section that is seen when going through the door. It is closely based on the real station that closed in 1964 and everything is in the right place. The platforms are a little bit shorter than the real ones, due to the usual lack of space most of us have for our model railways. However, it functions exactly as the real one would have done and it is probably the most scenic of all the layout sections with it's buildings, river and steep sided mountainside behind.

It was featured in the July and August 2016 issues of British Railway Magazine and was the first layout that I've had in a magazine. All my other articles have been for the commission models, so it was great to see my own layout featured.

The trackwork is all hand-built with individual chairs and sleepers. The pointwork was constructed by my late friend John Bailey and he suggested that I make the plain track in the same way, which would mean that I had to construct all the plain track with the individual chairs as well. I hadn't done anything like this before, so it was a challenge. First of all, the design of the track was drawn out on Templot software and then printed off full size. This plan was glued to the baseboard and then the sleepers were cut and glued on to the plan. One rail was attached to the sleepers and by using gauges, the other rail was then attached. It was a long and sometimes tedious job, especially when some of the chairs were put on the wrong way round! I soon learnt my lesson with that and double checked as I went along. I have to say that the track looks superb and I'm glad that it was done this way.