Layout panels
These three panels here are the main ones on the scenic sections. Barmouth Junction has a proper lever frame, which was made up from kits supplied by the P4 group and the other two have switches. My friend John Bailey designed the lever frame some years ago. They were a bit fiddly to make up and I have to thank a friend, Jonathan Matthews for doing most of the work, especially the soldering, which I don't really like doing! 

The other two panels have switches incorporated on the panel. All have LED lights to denote which route is chosen and uncoupling buttons which operate the electro-magnets for the Spratt & Winkle couplings on the goods stock.

I drew the artwork for the panels on the computer and then sent it to a printer, who printed them onto a thin metal based material with a wipe clean covering. I then had to drill the holes for the LED's and any switches. Wood surrounds were made up and the panels screwed to them.
Storage yard panels and control
The storage yard panels are in the process of being updated to look like the main ones. Machynlleth panel, seen on the left, has already been done. Note that Ruabon has two panels, IN and OUT. Ruabon panels have push buttons to set the route for the appropriate tracks and Barmouth will follow suit. I will post pictures of them when they have been completed.
The layout is DCC control and uses the Lenz system. This is one of the hand sets that operate the loco's. I have one for each of the possible nine operators and a main one for whoever operates the sequence.

Decoders have been put in all the loco's and some have sound, which makes the driving of them a little different.
This is one of the four screens that shows the sequence. The main screen on the laptop is operated by the controller and each page tells the operator's what move is next. There are 124 pages, so it can take about six hours to get through the complete sequence.