Dolgelley goods yard
These pictures show the backscene in place and a lot of cardboard mock-ups of roads, bridge and the various buildings. The river bed area shows up well all the way along the front.
Long scenic section
Pictures of the finished scene (1) and the construction 
The river bridge is called Gwynant bridge and a visit was made to measure it up with plenty of pictures being taken to produce the finished model. It was made entirely from plastic strips and angled strips. The slate seen in the above picture was collected from the area around Barmouth bridge and then sorted out into appropriate sizes and glued in place. The river is made up of layers of varnish over a painted and a glueing of various stones, shale and sand. The rock formation was made from polystyrene shapes glued to the baseboard with a very thick covering of building plaster over the top. It was left to dry for a few weeks and then carved into the rock cutting, using various tools. Trees were made from 'Forest in a box', sprayed with browns and greys and then Woodlands scenics was glued to the branches.