Dolgelley goods yard
I would have liked to model both the goods yard and the station at Dolgelley, but due to the usual lack of space, chose to model the goods yard only.  The platform ends can just be seen under the bridge, so at least when we are operating, we know when to stop the trains. Again, it is single track until just before the station platforms, which have both up and down tracks. The yard has the same number of sidings as the real one and has a goods shed and cattle dock, as well as the oil terminal track.

This is quite a nice scenic section, with the river running right along the front of the scene. The railway sits on a particularly low embankment, closely following the river, which gives a good reflection of the trains in the water. The largest building here is the oil terminal, which occupies one end of the section. I've tried to make the models as close as possible to the real ones and they are all in the right place. Dolgelley yard is fifteen feet long with a backscene that was painted by a local artist. The other structures here are the goods shed, low relief cottages, bridge over the railway and river, a rather old wooden warehouse and the water tank. 

Trackwork is SMP plain track with hand-built points.

Dolgelley goods yard was featured in November 2017 issue of British Railway Magazine.