Barmouth Junction
These pictures show how the different levels were constructed and after all these years, I still don't know quite how I worked it all out! The temporary backscene can be seen with the finished one in place and the start of the platforms, made from card formers. Some of the gradients show up here, which are all hidden under the junction baseboards. The tallest formers for the gradient with the track on top, which can be seen in the larger picture, is actually the long scenic section.
Barmouth Junction buildings in construction and one of the two lift up sections, which enable me to get to the furthest parts of the railway in case of derailments and maintenance, etc. The fine signals have mostly been made by Tony Geary. The junction trackwork was made by John Bailey and was the first to be made for the layout.
The only none railway building on Barmouth Junction, is the terrace on the narrow road to the station. It has a very nice end elevation, which was just right for the position of the model. The cattle dock was roughly in the same place, but I've had to position it to suit the trackwork.